Community Health is a Critical Municipal Service

Top communities across the country are looking for ways to create and promote a healthy living environment for their citizens.   Services ranging from parks and recreation offerings, bike trails, community recreation centers, senior centers, and health-related events (walks or runs) all promote good health.   In addition, Emergency Services are available to help care for citizens when issues arise.

EMS Sign Post allows you to add to your municipal offerings, by providing to your citizens an online Personal Health Manager, so that they can track their health records, and keep all their records in one place.   These records range from medical history, to emergency contacts, to medicine tracking, to information critical in the event of an emergency.

Citizens can share some of these records with people who need to know:   family members and EMS personnel.

In the event of an emergency, the EMS personnel can quickly scan a button (via QR code or “NFC” – Near Field Communications), and immediately see the critical health records of the patient on their cell phone or tablet.



The benefits to the community are:

  1. Promotes healthy living and emergency preparedness
  2. Online Personal Health Manager software for Citizens
  3. More efficient and effective emergency services
  4. Potential revenue source for the community


For more information, contact, or 513-591-7379.

EMS SignPost