The EMS Sign Post saves lives by providing accurate information to EMS personnel.

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What is the EMS Sign Post?

The EMS Sign Post is a web-based software system for personal health management, combined with a quick-access device for EMS personnel to be able to view critical health information at the time of an emergency.   Citizens can maintain all their health records online in a single place, and share critical medical information with EMS personnel for use in an emergency.

It’s an online and more powerful version of a diabetic bracelet.

How Does it Work?

  1. In preparation for emergencies, citizens pre-load their critical medical information into a secure database
  2. The medical information is securely accessed by Emergency Personnel at the time of an emergency by scanning a button – either a QR Code or an NFC tag.

The critical patient facts are immediately retrieved and displayed on a cell phone or tablet of the EMS professional, providing critical, potentially life-saving information at the time of the emergency.

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EMS Sign Post Can answer these questions:

  1. Is there a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order in place?
  2. What medical conditions and recent diagnoses has this patient had?
  3. Who are the Emergency Contacts?
  4. Who is the patient’s doctor and preferred medical facility?
  5. What medications has this patient taken?

Emergency Personnel can access critical, up-to-date patient information quickly and securely.

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george salgado - medications

george salgado - contacts

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For more information, contact sales@egovlink.com, or 513-591-7379.

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